New Drunk With Joy album
Out 7th December 2015

Like many artists, we may have expected parenthood to have an impact on our time and finances, but we never thought it would become the inspiration for an entire new body of work. Well, it has, and the result is Passage – a collection of twelve vocal performance poems that we have turned into musical pieces over the past two years, during many evening sessions in our home studio. Yes, we’re tired. Very tired.

In addition to being released in digital format on 7th December, PASSAGE will be sold as a special edition poetry collection with CD album insert at Project AfterBirth‘s launch exhibition (our latest Joy Experiment project) where it is also showcased as an audio installation.

We will be making some free samples available from this website very soon.

PS We are also still in the process of completing our new album Sex Is Overrated, although it is very likely that this will not not come out until 2016 now…