Like many artists, we may have expected parenthood to have an impact on our time and finances, but we never thought our birth experience would become the inspiration for an entire new body of work. Well, it has, and the result is Passage – a collection of twelve vocal performance poems that we have turned into musical pieces over the past two years, during many evenings sessions in our home studio. Yes, we’re tired. Very tired.

Passage will be published/released as a poetry collection with CD album insert this Autumn, hopefully just in time for the launch exhibition of Project AfterBirth (our latest Joy Experiment project) where we are planning to exhibit it as a small audio installation.

We will be making some free samples available from the website very soon.

PS We are also still in the process of completing our new album Sex Is Overrated, although it is very likely that this will not not come out until 2016 now…

Two Short Nights Film Festival – 48 hr Film Challenge 2014

DWJ NT 9cm sq WP

Message from Mila:

For obvious reasons, we weren’t allowed to mention the fact that (in addition to our own short film No Tragedy making it to the International Shorts screening) we donated a track to Two Short Nights Film Festival as the main secret prop for their annual 48hr Film Challenge where teams of filmmakers get the chance to write, shoot, edit and submit a film which features the prop in one weekend. The premiere of all 27 (!) submissions took place at Exeter Phoenix last night and the quality, originality and, in many cases, level of hilarity of the films were quite astonishing. Definite favourites were RED by team Aletalk, MISE EN PLACE by team Cinematheque Improbable, THE STORY OF THE MYTH AND LEGEND OF CAPTAIN COCKLENOSE by team Indiefinger and THE HUNT by team Lost Tortoise Productions. What a lot of talent and what a great night. And uhm, respect to the audience for bearing with hearing the same song 27 times in a row..

Fisherman; latest Drawing Room Session out today

Listen to the 5th offering of Drunk With Joy‘s Drawing Room Sessions out today:

The Drawing Room Sessions are Drunk With Joy‘s attempt to write and record a new track from start to finish in one evening in their own home. Like all other Drawing Room Sessions demos, Fisherman was written and recorded in one night, although the male vocals and a few other production tweeks at the end were added a day later in the studio..